The Beauty of the Temple in Kyoto

Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for over a thousand years, before finally moving to Tokyo. Temple in Kyoto makes this city famous. To go to Kyoto, you can ride the Shinkansen train from Tokyo.

One of the temples in Kyoto located in the city center called Higashi Honganji. This temple is very near to Kyoto station, can be reached by walking for 5-10 minutes. The temple was built on the orders of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1602 it still looks dashing. Indeed, all the temples in Japan are always well maintained, remodeling is always done without reducing the original characteristics.

Beautiful Temple in Kyoto is not only one. Another temple is Kiyomizu-dera. This temple proverbial mandatory visited attraction when you are in Kyoto. You can see how popular this temple, because many domestic vacationers, as well as international tourists,  are coming. Kiyomizu-dera has a dominant red color, like a lot of temples built in the Heian period. The temple was built in the year 798 is located on the hilltop. From the garden, you can enjoy the view of Kyoto City. Entrance to the temple area is free of charge, tickets only levied for those who enter into the inside. Most visitors are Japanese people who want to pray. Beside to enjoying the view of the temple, you can also enjoy the township around the temple. In the alleys lined with souvenir sellers, the typical Japanese food, amulets, and teahouses are still highlighted aspects of the tradition.

Other favorite Temples in Kyoto is Kinkakuji, often also called the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. The main building consists of three levels, with the top two floors of pure gold plated. Besides building a gold-plated, Golden Pavilion is also very interesting because of its location on the edge of an artificial pond. Gardens around laid out very nicely with the design of the Muromachi period. Additionally, there is also Temple in Kyoto similar to Kinkakuji, a temple named Ginkakuji. When Kinkakuji is the Golden Pavilion, then Ginkakuji means the Silver Pavilion. Just as Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji also standing by the pool surrounded by gardens. Visitors can surround the temple area by following the path where we enjoy the beauty of the buildings and gardens.

Another location that you can visit is the Kyoto Imperial Palace. From the highway, you have to walk past the gravel road. This palace forest area seems to be one of the favorite locations of local people running, biking, taking the dog for a walk, or a children’s playground.

One thing that is very impressive in Japan despite being in the area that is old, everything is neat and very clean. Visitors very much, but it does not look rubbish strewn. Additionally, public facilities such as toilets are also very clean and modern, although it is in the traditional location like Temple in Kyoto.

You should be able to come to this city because there are many places and another temple in Kyoto that you can actually visit.

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