Clothing suitable for the Kids

What is the role of clothing in the child?

The clothes for the little ones are something very entertaining to choose and to buy since there are a great variety of designs and fabrics.However, it is important, at the time of the selection, to think about kid’s interest and their needs and choose the clothes according to their use: to play, to run, or to be at home. Clothing can make it easier for children to be stimulated because it fulfills different functions.

Basic equipment

Kids must wear pants, shirts, sweaters (or jackets or sweatshirts), socks, suitable shoes that grip their feet well, socks, a body such as underwear, a bib to prevent own secretions of teething keep wet chest, A bathrobe or baby, and a coat or jacket for the trip to and from the center.For girls better pants are recommended than skirts, to avoid direct contact with the floor. The leggings are a good choice and more convenient to apply and remove. Of each garment, it is convenient to have at least one for each day of the week.Children learn through exploration.First of his body, then of near objects and later those that attract him and can go in his search. So if we want active and stimulated children we must consider how to dress them.Remember that clothing can be an obstacle when exploring and children need to do it to know.The more they can investigate the more intelligent, serene, focused and attentive they will be.

What clothes should you choose for kids?

Clothing is the border between your body and the outside, so the fabrics must be of good quality, soft, malleable and comfortable textures, which also do not interfere with their movements due to the design or the choice of a very tight fit to the This will make kids feel comfortable, achieve what he set out and build more confidence in him.

The clothes should be simple to remove and put, for this, it considers that it does not have many brochures, closures, or complicated designs.Being a little bigger, this will hinder the learning and the acquisition of the autonomy to dress alone.Children are shifting, crawling, climbing, rolling, exploring, playing, this is why clothing must accompany this dynamism.The most important thing for a child is the freedom of movement and the possibility of being comfortable to achieve the fullness of their motor skills.Always think about this when choosing your kid’s clothes.

What are the advantages of choosing the right clothes?

Clothing is another means to stimulate the independence and self-esteem of children from the beginning, since if you let them actively participate in the changed, from the beginning of the change of clothes, you will achieve:

  • A more fluid, gestural and verbal communication.
  • Harmony during times of change.
  • Autonomy in dress, to learn because they are interested in dressing.
  • High self-esteem as your kid feels able to collaborate.
  • Joy for the achievements.